Bet365 Poker App Download for Mobile & PC Jul 2022

Bet365 Poker App Download for Mobile & PC

Bet365 Poker is one of the main gaming sites for the Bet365 Network. The software program to play bet365 Poker can be accessed through a downloadable program for Windows personal computer or an app for mobile devices running Android or Apple iOS. Players can also access bet365 Poker through their web browser on their laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any device with a modern web browser.

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Create Account

When you create a bet365 account you will be able to access bet365 Poker and other bet365 gaming websites like bet365 Sports and bet365 Casino. If you created one already you can just log in with your account information. If you haven’t created an account already I will explain how easy it is to sign up for a bet365 account. Make sure to claim the CBC365 bonus code to receive a 100% Match Bonus of your first deposit of at least £5.


100% Match Bonus – CBC365 Bonus Code Terms

New accounts that are created for bet365 Poker, between March 2nd and August 3rd 2020 can receive up to a €365 redeemable bonus for new players. They will be earned according to your Status points, which are similar to comp points. They are earned at 10 status points for every $1 you wager on rakes or tournament fees.


Bet365 Poker New Player Offer Terms


To have a bet365 account, you must be a resident of Great Britain, Ireland or a country in the EU. If you live across the pond, certain countries will be allowed to create an account. The list of allowed countries can be found on the bet365 Poker website.

The registration is easy to fill out and just one form. You will see the information required is what you would find on most websites signups that require banking information. To begin, click on this button to go to the sign-up form.

This will take you to the landing page. There should be a yellow button that says “Join Now”. Click on the button to up the form.

Make sure to use your real information, as it appears on your ID card and banking information. Bet365 will ask you to verify your identity later on after your account is created. The verification process requires you to update a couple verification documents. You can skip to the Verify Identity with Know Your Customer section to read about the process. It requires documents you most likely have access to but you can read it to make sure you have them on hand.


Bet365 Form Registration Form

The registration form is broken up into sections and I will explain for what each section is used.

Country of Residence
Country (from menu)

As mentioned, Bet365 requires players to verify they reside in a country that is allowed to wager on online gaming according to their local regulations. This list of allowed countries can be found from this drop down menu. Your answer will be required to match your legal residence for your ID card.

Personal Information
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth

For the “Personal Information” section you will be entering your name and birthday as it appears on your Identification card or your passport. This should match all billing and banking information you will submit during the account verification process.

Contact Information
Email Address
Contact Number

Contact Setting
Text Message/SMS
bet365 Direct Messages in App

“Contact Information” is how you would like your messages sent to you. You will have the option to receive messages and notifications to your mobile phone text messages, email messages or direct messages while logged into bet365.

Address Information
House number/name
Flat Number

The “Address Information” will be used as part of your identity verification. This information should be where you reside and an actual residence in one of the allowed countries. Bet365 will ask you to verify this identity by sending a copy of your Identification card and a billing statement. Make sure you can provide this information before continuing.

Security Information
Four-digit Security Number
Four-digit Security Number Confirm

When you contact bet365, for any information regarding sensitive information like banking, you will be asked for this “Security Information”. The 4-digit code should be stored in a secure location. If you use an app to store passwords, add this 4-digit code in there also.

Preferences Information
Time Zone
Bonus Code

The “Preferences Information” section is where you can enter a bonus code you would like to claim. For Bonus Code I redeemed the CBC365 promotional offer. This gives a 100% match for your first deposit.


There is also option for setting your timezone in the Preferences section.

After completing the form, you will need to read the bet365 “Terms and Conditions”, “Rules”, “Privacy Policy”, “Cookie Policy”, “Age Verification” and “Know Your Customer” pages. Once you have finished reading, click on the “Join bet365” to create your account.

You should receive an email from bet365 to verify your account.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to verify your identity with a “Please verify your identity” pop-up. You can choose to to do so now or postpone it to later. You should know you won’t be able to make a deposit or play games until your account and identity is verified. So make sure to take care of your account verification as soon as you have time to gather the necessary documents. Head over to Verify Identity with Know Your Customer to learn about the verification process.


Playing Options

Bet365 Poker basically offers you all possible ways to access the bet365 Poker software. Whether you are using a mobile device or personal computer, you can play at bet365 Poker.

I will go over some of my preferred options.


Mobile Playing Options

As performance on our mobile phones and tablets have increased and gotten lighter in weight, games have improved quality and usability over the last couple of years. No matter where we are, as long as we have wifi or mobile connection, we can enjoy playing games anywhere. It is one of the main reasons why I enjoy playing bet365 games on my phone and tablet. For mobile gaming, bet365 has done a fantastic job of performance and usability while playing on my mobile devices.

For mobile devices, you will have an option to use your devices web browser or an operating specific app.


Mobile Web Browser

Accessing bet365 Poker through the mobile web browser is my preferred way to access the Poker Software, which runs smoothly through the web browser. It basically gives you the most options to access the website, without having to download software. You can own multiple mobile devices using iOS and Android, without having to download an app. As long as your phone or table is made within the last 4 years or so, you should be able to play on your mobile browser just fine.

Overall, the layout for the mobile browser is optimized for the smaller screen. The usability and performance almost makes you forget you’re playing on a phone as you’ll just be concentrating on the games you’re playing.

For me the screen size wasn’t an issue, but for those looking to play on a larger screen, you can still use your tablet or even one of the desktop options.


Mobile App

For those that prefer to run bet365 through a standalone app, you can download bet365 Poker for iOS and Android.

If you plan to use the Apple iOS or Google Android app of the Bet365 Poker software, we first recommend you register for an account through your mobile browser or your desktop browser. To go to the registration form, click on this button.

This will take you to the registration form and you can follow the process as outlined on Create Account.


Follow the Download App Link

Once you create your account, we recommend downloading app through the official bet365 Poker website instead of searching for it on your operating systems app store. Part of the reason is that sometime people may download the wrong app with a similar name. By following the download on the bet365 Poker website, you will be sure to download the official bet365 Poker app. Depending on your operating system, you will be notified that you are being redirected from this webpage to your devices app store. If you are on an Android Device, you will go to the Google Play Store. For iOS user, they will go to the Apple App Store.


Open App and Login

Here you can click on the install or get link to download the file and have it automatically installed. Once the download is completed, you can open the app. With the account you created already, you can login with the same information.

As you will see, the layout and functionality is almost the same as the mobile browser version.

That’s how simple it is to create your count through the mobile web browser then download the operating specific app to your device and begin playing with the same login.


Personal Computer Playing Options

Some people prefer to use Personal Computers, and bet365 runs just as great on your desktop or laptop. This is ideal for people that enjoy playing on larger screens. It definitely is easier to view on a laptop screen or a large display, without needing to maximize the entire screen to view the bet365 app. You can actually have half the screen be the bet365 game you are playing and the other half being a browser or video player. Maybe this is the ideal option people that want to multitask while playing.


Desktop App

Bet365 Poker has a new standalone software available for Windows 10 desktops, laptops and tablets. There doesn’t appear to be a standalone software application for Macs. Even though the quality of the web browser version of Bet365 Poker is good, the standalone software is ideal for some players.


Go to “How to Play” to Download

To download the software, first head over to the “How to Play” link in the top sub menu of bet365 Poker website. Next click on the Poker Software section.


Download Software

Here on the page there will be a link with the text “Download our new poker software” click on this link to begin the download of the executable software. Make sure you are on your desktop computer that you want to install the bet365 Poker software, click on this button and then follow the instructions to install.

Once you download the app and installed the executable, you can log in with the same account you signed up with during the Create Account step. You can also choose to register through the app if you prefer. But since you’re already on your web browser, you can test drive bet365 poker and choose to download the app later.

For now we will show you some of the features available at bet365 Poker.


Main Lobby at bet365 Poker

At the Main Lobby, you will be able to see the available games and tournaments. You will also be able access information about your account and Loyalty level.


My Account

Go to My Account to make changes to your settings or see available updates about your Loyalty Club status and bonuses you will be eligible to receive. You will also have the option to choose which of your favorite games you want to see.


Table Lobby at bet365 Poker

Table Lobby gives you the choice to view in classic mode or group mode. If you are playing Cash or Sit & Go games, you can now choose them from the list layout. Informations about individual games will be visible too.

If you go to the Tournament Lobby, you will be able to see the available Tournaments. Each tournaments you’re registered in, you can see the tournaments prize pool, start time of the event and number of players scheduled to play.

On the right you can see the list of recommended tournaments if you are unsure where to start.


Example of a Poker Table

Here is how a game at the Poker table looks like on the standalone app. The table is well spaced out and easy to keep track of what is going on. The resolution of the software is great too.


Desktop Web Browser

If you’re using either an Mac or Windows 10 computer, you can use your PCs web browser of choice to access the bet365 Poker website. Click on the link to automatically go to homepage for bet365 Poker.

Being able to play on your web browser removes the need to install an additional software. To access the website, you only need to login with your Bet365 account information. If you haven’t created one already, check out the Create Account section to see how simple it is to sign up for an account at bet365 Poker.

The layout will look similar to the mobile browser or app version, but the layout and usability is optimized for a larger resolution, taking advantage of the extra screen real estate.

You will have the full functionality when playing on your web browser for you laptop or desktop.

If you’re most comfortable playing this way, you should use this option to access bet365 Poker.


Verify Identity with Know Your Customer

When you choose to verify your account, you will be using the bet365 “Know Your Customer” tool. You will have the option to do this when you log on, until your account is verified. Also when you click on a game, you will be asked to verify you account before being allowed to play. The same verification pop-up will appear when you try to make a deposit.


Verify Identity before Making a Deposit


“Know Your Customer” – Verification of Your Account

The “Know Your Customer” is a two-step process, that requires you to upload supporting documents for each step. For step one, you can either upload a Passport, Driving License or ID Card. You can take a photo with your phone or use your scanner and then upload your photo.


Identity Document and Supporting Documentation

For step two, you will need to supply two forms of document. The first document is your Driving License. It is strange they asked for Driving License again, so I uploaded my ID Card photo for the previous just incase they asked for a different document. I didn’t check if it was ok to upload a Driving License twice.

The second document is what they call “Supporting Documentation”. They are basically banking or billing statements. These files include either a Bank Statement, Council Tax Bill, Landline or Mobile Telephone Bill or Utility Bill. One thing to note is that the copy of banking or billing statement you send them bust be recent. This means it must be from an active account, show your name and address and be within the last three months. You only need to send one of these documentations.

Once you complete the uploads for the “Know Your Customer” tool, bet365 will review your files and make sure your information is valid. Within days you should receive approval and be verified. At that point, you will have full access to all the features of bet365 Poker.


Deposit Money

Once your account is verified through the bet365 “Know Your Customer” tool, you will be allowed to make a deposit. To make a deposit, click on the profile icon on the top right corner. This will open up the main menu. Click on the “Deposit” button to go to Cashier.


Main Menu Option

Here you will be able to make a deposit and choose from Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Cheques and other options. Each funding source will have a different minimum and maximum deposit limits. There will also be differences in the time it takes for your funding to complete. One thing to note before making a deposit, is that it will affect how you can receive your withdrawal payments.


Banking – Withdrawals


Debit Card Deposits

For debit cards you can use a card that is backed by Visa, Mastercard, Electron or Maestro.

Minimum deposit requirement of £5
Maximum deposit requirement of £20,000
No Fees


Mobile Payment Deposits

Mobile payments are associated with your mobile device, most people use them to pay at brick and mortar stores or even online. You will have the option to fund your account online with Google Pay or Apple Pay. If you use an Android device, you can only use Google Pay. But if you use an Apple device, you can use either Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Minimum deposit requirement of £5
Maximum deposit requirement of £5,000
No Fees


eWallet Deposits

Another popular option to pay online is through eWallets like PayPal. Here you will have the option to pay with your PayPal balance, a bank account or your debit card. This form of payment has been around on the internet, for decades. So chances are you are familiar with this process.

Minimum deposit requirement of £10
Maximum deposit requirement of £5,500
No Fees


Bank Deposits

For all other options to fund your account you can use various banking options. This includes paying by cheque, bank wire transfer, fastbank transfer and paysafe. Contact Bet365 to learn more about using these options.


Withdraw Money

Once you cleared all bonuses and ready to make a withdrawal, you will have a few options. Your withdrawal options will be dependent on how you made your deposit. You will have had to make a deposit at least once with that funding option before you can make a withdrawal and receive your payment with that same account.


Banking – Withdrawals


Debit Card Withdrawals

Payouts with a debit card will go back to your original account. The time to receive payment is usually 1-2 business days for UK debit cards and 3-5 business for international debit cards.

Minimum withdrawal requirement of £5
Maximum withdrawal requirement of £20,000
No Fees


eWallet Withdrawals

EWallet payouts will go back to your Paypal account. The processing time is relatively quick, around 24 hours.

Minimum withdrawal requirement of £10
Maximum withdrawal requirement of £5,500

No Fees


Mobile Withdrawals

If you were to make a payment with your Maestro debit card, you will receive your payout to the same account. But in scenarios like Apple Pay, there is no payout option so you will receive your payment as a bank wire payment.


Bankwire Withdrawals

This will be the default payment option if your deposit was made with payment option not allowed for payout.

Minimum withdrawal requirement of £5
Maximum withdrawal requirement of £100,000
No Fees


Banking Withdrawals

For all other options you can be paid with Cheque or Paysafe. Contact bet365 to learn more.


bet365 Poker Loyalty

One of the greatest rewards for Poker players are earning loyalty points due to the nature of rakes and tournament fees.

At bet365, you will automatically be enrolled into their bet365 Poker Loyalty program when you create an account. The Loyalty points can only be earned and used while playing at bet365 Poker, and not any of their other gaming sites.

The technical name for the bet365 Poker loyalty points goes by the name “Status Points”. Similar to other online casinos and poker websites, the bet365 Poker Loyalty program is tiered based. You will move up to new levels by reaching predefined milestones. As the old adage goes, “the more you play the more you earn”.

When you move up to each new Loyalty level, you will earn greater rewards than your previous Loyalty levels. At bet365 Poker, they definitely reward the players for time spent on playing multiple tournaments.


Loyalty Club

Loyalty Club Levels

You will earn “Status Points” based on how much your rake or tournament frees are. The rate of conversion is 10 “Status Points” for every £1, or €1 depending on your currency setting.

So get started with your bet365 Poker account and start earning Status Points on all your Cash, Sit & Go games or Tournaments.


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