Bet365 Casino App Download Oct 2022

Bet365 Casino App Download

Bet365 Casino is part of the Bet365 family of game websites. Bet365 allows play in the UK, Ireland and many other EU countries. You can play their suite of casino and table games by downloading a mobile app or using the browser for your desktop or mobile device. Enjoy playing bet365 wherever you are.

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Create an Account

To get started, I will show you how to create an account. Even though there is a similar layout to creating a bet365 Casino account on your mobile device and your desktop pc, I will show you how to register on your mobile phone. To begin, I will assume you are using your mobile phone. If so, click on this button to open up the bet365 Casino website on your mobile web browser.

This link will also work if you are on a desktop, just the layout will be slightly different, but very similar.

If it’s your first time visiting bet365, you should see a landing page with their current promotion. At the time of signing up I used the CBC365 bonus code for a 100% Match Bonus.


CBC365 – 100% Bonus Match


Click here to open up the sign-up form for a Bet365 account.

A couple of things you should know before starting is that by creating a bet365 account, you will be able to log into all of the different bet365 gaming sites, including their popular sites like bet365 Sports and bet365 Poker. So once you have created a bet365 account, you will be able to play or wager on various games. The bet365 network of games will give you a large selection of wagering options.

Another thing to note is that in order to create an account at bet365 you must be a resident of Great Britain, Ireland and other allowed EU countries. Some other countries in Africa, North America, South America and Asia will have access to the full suite games. Availability of specific games may vary, so make sure to check out the bet365 Casino website to find out of what is available to you in your country.

When creating an account, you will need to use your real information. This includes your legal name as it appears on your Identification Card or Passport. This name should also match the information for any banking, credit card or ewallet account you plan to use. You will also need to use your address that matches billings statements. Bet365 does a great job at verifying identity to make sure your credit cards or banking accounts aren’t being used fraudulently. In abit, I will explain the different steps required to verify your account. But first I will show you how easy it is to sign-up for a bet365 account.


Sign-up Form for Bet365 Casino

The registration form is simple and similar to signing up for other website that require shipping and banking information. Bet365 makes the process easy by making it one form, with everything you need to fill out in just one place.

First you will need to select which country you currently reside.

Next you will need to enter Personal Information about yourself.

Personal Info
First Name & Surname
Date of Birth

In the next part, enter your Contact Information on how you can be reached.

Contact Info – Required
Email Address
Contact Number
Contact Info – Opt-in Setting
Text message
Messages in bet365

For this section, enter your Address Information on how it appears on your ID card, billing statements or banking statements.

Address Info
House number/name
Flat Number

Now you will enter your Create Login Information. This is how you will log into the website, make sure to enter a secure password and do not share with others. A password manager app is usually good practice, so you can generate unique passwords for each website.

Login Info
Password and Confirm Password

To make sure that your account is being accessed with your permission, and not someone unauthorized, you will create a security code that will verify it is you. Also make sure to store this in a secure place or app.

Security Info
4-digit Security Number
Confirm 4-digit Security Number


The final step will be to enter your Preference Information. The two most important options here are if you want to claim a bonus code like CBC365 for a 100% Match on your deposit.


Reality Check

The Reality Check is notification timer for how long you have been playing. This is a good idea to limit your playing time and Bet365 will send you a notification based on the timer you set.

Preference Info
Time Zones
Reality Check
Bonus Code

You will also need to read and accept the terms of the Bet365 Terms and Conditions, Rules, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. You will also be accepting that your age verification and Know Your Customer verification is correct.

By pressing the “Join bet365” button, you will create your account. Bet365 will send you an email to verify your account and email.


Account Verification – “Know Your Customer”

As mentioned earlier, Bet365 takes account verification seriously to make sure players are real and reside in the allowed countries to play games at the Bet365, due to government regulations. The verification process goes by the name “Know Your Customer”. This also minimizes the possibility of someone spoofing an identity and using credit cards or other banking options without proper authorization.

The first time you log into the bet365 you will be asked to verify your account. You can choose to verify later. But if you want to make a deposit or play any games, you will need to verify your account. Actually, when you click to make a deposit from the menu, you will see the same notification asking if you would like to verify your account through the “Know Your Customer” authentication process.


“Know Your Customer” Verification Tools

By clicking “yes”, you will see an overview how the “Know Your Customer” process works to verify your identity for regulatory requirements. It is a 2-step process, that requires you email Supporting Documentations to Bet365. You will have the option to choose which documents you send them, for each of the 2 steps.


KYC Documentations Required

The Supporting Documents for step-1 are proof of legal residence by providing either a Driving License, National ID Card, Passport or Residency Permit. This information should match the full name and birthdate you signed up with during registration. You can choose whichever document is easiest for you to find. Only a photocopy or photo of one of the documents is required.

For step-2, the supporting documents are proof of access to banking or credit card statements. The names should match the name for the step-1 documents. The address should also match the information associated with your Bet365 account. You can choose to email a photo of your Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Council Tax Bill, Mobile Phone Bill or Utility Bill. For these banking type documents, they should be recent. That means they are from an active account and dated within the last 3 months.

The sooner you send both documents for step-1 and step-2 for the “Know Your Customer” verification process, the sooner you can make a deposit and begin wagering on the online casino games.


How to Play

Bet365 Casino offers players multiple ways to access their online casino. Players can access Bet365 Casino through any personal computer or mobile device, as long as their is browser on their operating system. For mobile devices, there is a downloadable application besides the web browser version of the casino.

Whichever option you choose, there will be full functionality, like making a deposit, requesting a payout and playing casino games from their library of casino games.

As mobile devices have gained computing powers over the years, you’re now able to enjoy the full gaming experience of an online casino at the tip of your fingers no matter where you are. For most people their mobile screens give them great view of all needed functions, not ruining your user experience. This is actually my preferred way to play at bet365 casino. It’s always good to know that your mobile device is usually in reach, without having to carry around a laptop and wait for it to power up. So whether you want to use your mobile phones web browser, a Google Android dedicated app or an Apple iOS app, bet365 offers consistent user interface and experience across the different mobile platforms.


Mobile Browser

Of all the ways to access Bet365 casino on a mobile device, using a mobile browser is my preferred way to play at the casino. Since we usually have our mobile phone with us wherever we go, we’re just a few clicks from the online casino. The benefits of being to play while I’m out and waiting around, nothing better to spend a few minutes than playing games to win real money. Even when we’re in different parts of the flat, we can play anywhere without needing to open up the laptop.

One added advantage of using the web browser, is that many of us have multiple devices running on different mobile operating systems. So you can easily access the bet365 website through the build in browser without having to download a dedicated app as soon as you turn on the device. By far this is the most accessible option.

To begin, open up your mobile phone or tablets web browser and click on this button to go to the Bet365 website.

This will take you to the homepage of the Bet365 Casino. If you already created an account of one of the Bet365 websites, you can log in with that same information. If you haven’t created an account yet, follow the instructions I wrote about at the beginning of this review.

Once you are logged into the website, you will be able to access everything you need to play games or perform banking transactions like deposit money, withdraw money or transfer money to different Bet365 sub websites, i.e. the Bet365 Sports or Bet365 Poker.


Mobile App

If you prefer to use a dedicated mobile app, you can if you’re using an Android or iOS supported device. Before you download the app, we recommend you create an account first through your mobile devices web browser, as detailed above. Then log into the website and go to the homepage. At the top, you will see a slider of promoted items. One of the slides will have an Download app page.


Download bet365 Casino App

Click on this image and you will be redirected automatically to your mobile devices app store. So if you’re using an iOS device, you will go to the Apple App Store. If you’re on an Android device, you’ll go to the Google Play Store. Not only will you be at the app store for your mobile operating system, you’ll be at the correct download page for the Bet365 Casino app.

We recommend going through the above link instead of searching directly, since there may be similarly named apps but for a different products. Some regions may have a strategy app with a similar name. So to prevent the error of downloading the wrong app, it is safer to follow the link above from the Download App slider.


Desktop Browser

For those that prefer to use the bigger screen of a laptop or desktop pc, you can directly view Bet365 Casino.

If you are currently on a laptop or desktop, you can click on this button below to go directly to the website

You will have full functionality to the Bet365 Casino website. You will be able to log on, makes deposits, request a withdrawal and of course play your favorite Casino games. Even though layout will be slightly different between the mobile browser and the desktop browser version, the user interface of the pc browser has everything placed exactly where you would expect to find everything, taking advantage of the larger screen real estate.

Everything from the Menu, access to games and the Cashier is all easy to find. Even view the tables may be easier for some on the larger screen.


Desktop App

For those that are looking for a dedicated desktop app, Bet365 Casino doesn’t appear to have a standalone app to run on your Windows 10 PC or Apple OS Macbook. Since you’re most likely looking for a larger screen to play at the online casino, we recommend using your desktop or your laptop’s web browser. Game play on web browsers has evolved over the last few years and I’m sure you will find the Desktop Browser version of Bet365 just as enjoyable than if there were a dedicated Bet365 app for your Windows 10 PC to download.

So head over to bet365 and start playing your favorite online casino games.



Once your account is verified, you will have access to all parts of the Bet365 Casino. This means you can make deposits, play games and withdraw your winnings.


Casino Games

Bet365 Casino has many games that you would expect to find at online casino. You can choose from a selection of Table & Card Games, like Blackjack, Live Casino and Roulette.


Bet365 Games

For those of you that enjoy Slot type games, you can also choose to take a spin on Arcade Games, Video Slots and Bonus Slots. Some of these games are retro themed with iconic character to add to the entertainment. Some of my favorites were Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy Osbourne and Tetris. There are a couple of other games like Planet of the Apes and Holly Madison, but I won’t get into them now. You can check out the library of games available at bet365 Casino.

In order to play games, you must make sure you verified your account through the “Know Your Customer” verification process. If you haven’t done it already, go to the main menu and select “Deposit”. This will take you directly to the “Know Your Customer” tool. To learn more, read the Account Verification – “Know Your Customer” section of this review.



If you’re new to online casino, don’t be intimidated to play Table or Card Games. Bet365 has a good primer for these games. They call the tutorials “Players Guides” and have them available for Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette.


Player Guide Tutorials

These tutorials cover the basics and are definitely for those that want to familiarize themselves with the rules, even if you have plaid before they are well written tutorials that may remind you of aspects of the game you may have forgotten.


Make Your First Deposit

Now that you’ve setup your Bet365 account, you will be ready to make a deposit. You will need to verify your account identity, through the Bet365 “Know Your Customer” validation tool. If you haven’t already, make sure to read Account Verification – “Know Your Customer” can complete the verification before you make your deposit.

If you claimed the CBC365 promo code during registration, you will need to make a deposit of at least £5 to claim the 100% match bonus for your bankroll.

Once verified, go to make a deposit by click on the “Menu” icon on the top left. Click on the “Deposit” link and this will take you to the Deposit Page.

Here you will be able to make your deposit. Options available to fund your account will be Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Mobile Payments, e-Wallets and other Banking options.

For Credit Card and Debit Cards, they are basically the same and probably the most common way we all pay for things on the internet. If you usually use credit or debit cards, I recommend you choose this option. As part of Bet365 security, The name of the card must match your Bet365 account.

Credit & Debit Cards

Visa and Master is accepted for both Credit and Debit cards. With Maestro and Electron available for Debit Cards.
Minimum deposit requirement of £5 with a limit of £20,000
No fees for a credit card or debit transaction

For Mobile Payment, it will be dependent on the operating system of your mobile device and usually this payment option is funded by a credit card. Your name must match the name for either the Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet you plan to use.

Mobile Payment

For Mobile Payment, you will be able to use your Apple Pay and Google Pay if you have already set up a credit card on your mobile device.
Minimum deposit requirement of £5 with a limit of £5,000.
No fees for a credit card or debit transaction

For eWallet Payment, one of the other common ways to pay for items on the internet and even peer-to-peer payment.


For eWallet Payment, currently bet365 only accepts Paypal. This is one of the most common forms of payments that has been accepted across the internet and is something you maybe have already. You usually fund your payment through a balance, credit card or your bank.
Minimum deposit requirement of £10 with a limit of £5,500.
No fees for a credit card or debit transaction

For Banking Options, this is the classic way to transfer payment and is usually the slowest.


For Banking Options, currently accepts Bankwires, Cheque, Fastbank Transfer and Paysafe.
(See the table below)
Fees may vary


Banking Options


Make Your First Withdrawal

Once you complete the bonus you can withdraw your winnings from your account. You will be able to receive payment for your withdrawal based on how you made your deposit. If you deposited with a Credit Card it will go back to that same card. Some options aren’t available to receive payment, like Google Pay and Apple Pay. In scenarios like that you will receive payment through Bank Wire from Bet365.

Credit Card and Debit Card payments will be sent back to the same card you had on file. There is a minimum withdrawal of £10 with a limit of £20,000. The process takes 1-2 business days usually if it is from a UK bank; 3-5 days for all other banks. There is no transaction fee!

Paypal payments require a minimum £10 with a limit of £5,500. They will be sent within 1-2 business days usually. There is no transaction fee.

Bank Wire payments have a minimum requirement of £5 with a maximum limit of £100,000. here is no transaction fee.

Other options like Cheque and Paysafe are also available. Contact Bet365 customer service to learn more.


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